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Equipment Catalog

Welcome to the equipment catalog for Professional Pest Control Products, your on-line pest control store.  If you have any questions concerning products or equipment, please contact us by our toll-free number or e-mail.  Our staff will be glad to answer any questions and take your order by phone.   You can also order on-line by following the appropriate links. 

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B&G Professional Sprayer B&G Sprayer Parts
B&G Foggers B&G Flex-A-Lite  B&G My-T-Lite
Chapin Sprayer Crusader Duster Gilmour Dial Sprayer
Ultraviolet Fly Traps, Fly Zappers

Replacement Glue Pads for Ultraviolet Fly Traps

B&G Sprayer:   This is the ultimate pump up sprayer.  For many years, B&G has manufactured the finest sprayer on the market, the only sprayer used by professionals.  The B&G Sprayer has a stainless steel tank, brass wand, brass cap, brass handle, precise spray patterns (both straight stream and fan spray) from an all brass tip, and the famous non-drip nozzle that professionals demand.  We stock the B&G one gallon sprayer with 18" wand and 4-way tip.  Different wand lengths are available, as are larger tanks.

Order your B&G sprayer.  


Electric Foggers

#2300 My-Ti-Lite   #2600 Flex-A-Lite

B&G 2600 Flex-A-Lite Fogger: This professional electric fogger provides the operator with the widest range of options available for cold fog applications.  The nozzle, attached to the flex hose, allows the user to easily direct the fog in, under and at objects.  The convenient flow adjustment know located at the nozzle enables the operator to change the liquid flow rate being dispensed.

The operator can adjust the liquid flow to dispense materials at average droplet sizes under 20 microns.  Droplets of this size remain suspended in air for extended periods of time and are used primarily for insecticide applications to control flying insects and quick knock down of severe indoor infestations of crawling and flying insects.  Droplet size will increase as the flow rate is increased and will average approximately 80 microns when the liquid flow is adjusted for maximum output.  Larger droplets are dispersed by air flow and can settle on surfaces.  This characteristic makes them useful for applying disinfectant, deodorizers and chemicals used for coating the insides of heat ducts or other surfaces.

When fogging outdoors for mosquitoes, larger droplet sizes will settle faster onto surfaces where mosquitoes are resting without being blown about by wind currents.  For fogging indoors, smaller droplet sizes will "float" for longer periods which gives a better kill for severe infestations of mites, flies, roaches, ants and other pests.
Click here to order the Flex-A-Lite Fogger.

B&G #2300 My-Ti-Lite Electric Fogger.

This is an electric cold fogger, which delivers a much cleaner fog than old-fashioned thermal or heat foggers.  The B&B My-Ti-Lite Fogger provides the operator with an ideal fogging unit to dispense chemicals for insect control, odor control, disinfecting and many other applications. The unit features one piece rotational molded construction for strength and durability and a large opening for ease of filling, emptying and cleaning. The nozzle is preset at a 45 degree angle to direct the flow of the fog upward for improved circulation. The nozzle assemble is recessed to protect it from damage during transport.

This type of fogger allows you to mix your own fogging solution using water and a good emulsifiable pyrethrin concentrate or ready to use fogging liquids.
Insecticide Fogging Products
The My-Ti-Lite Fogger disperses fog for many feet at the rate of 9 ounces per minute. Especially useful for the fogging of mosquitoes and gnats, either outside or inside. This fogger will last you for many year if you use up all the mixed fog each time and store the fogger clean and empty.

  Click here to see the My-Ti-Lite.

Chapin SprayerThis sprayer has a durable plastic tank (that holds over 1 gallon of liquid) with a metal handle, brass wand and a brass adjustable tip.  The 1.25 gallon tank will not rust out and the handles and wands are not easily broken.  Use any type of pesticides that you want through these sprayers.  Whatever pesticide you mix must be used immediately and never store any type of pesticide in your sprayer.  This eats up the gaskets and your pesticide will lose half its strength within 24 hours. 
Chapin Sprayer.

Crusader Duster:   The Crusader Duster is the best bellows duster on the market and the long time favorite of professionals.  This duster makes applying insecticide dusts and small granular bait easy and accurate.  A must when treating for  ticks, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, German roaches or anywhere there are cracks and crevices to be treated for insect pests. 

Gilmour Dial Sprayer (hose-end) In order to apply large amounts of pesticides outdoors, you need the volume of a hose end sprayer.  When treating for fleas, ticks, molecrickets, chinch bugs and other lawn pests,  you cannot apply enough product through a pump up or trigger style sprayer.  Certain types of hose end sprayers are either too difficult to manage (mix chemical, mix water, etc.) or are not specifically designed for pesticide applications (such as the Miracle Gro style for water soluble fertilizers) and will only leave you frustrated  and unable to control the targeted pest.  The Gilmour Dial Sprayer is what you need.  Using this sprayer, there is no precise measuring for you to deal with.  Simply pour the amount of concentrate needed for your lawn, set the dial at desired strength and spray your lawn.  It's that easy.  Unlike the Miracle Gro type sprayers, the Gilmour Dial Sprayer will empty itself, telling you that the job is finished.

Gilmour Dial Sprayer

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