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Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder

1 Year Money Back Guarantee!

Guarantee: Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder is unconditionally guaranteed for one full year from date of application.  If after six weeks, fleas reappear in your home, Flea Stoppers, Inc. will replace the product at no charge, or refund the full purchase price.  Shampooing the carpet after application will not void this guarantee.

Flea Stoppers kills fleas, their larvae and hatching eggs in carpets, rooms and furnishings; freshens and deodorizes carpets

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Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder is a specially formulated, mini-granular, Orthoboric Acid.  This product is designed to fall freely to the nap of carpets where the fleas live and breed.  There are many boric acid products on the market today, but don't be fooled, many are dusty and vacuum up within the first week after application.  Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder will not lose its effectiveness, even if vacuuming or shampooing occurs.  Shampooing does not void our guarantee.

Female fleas  lay their eggs on pets, carpets and furniture.  These eggs hatch into a small worm like larvae.  Flea larvae feed on the organic powder and die!  They never reach the adult stage.  The powder also kills any adult fleas that come in contact with the powder in 4 to 6 days.  The powder is designed to kill any fleas that are brought into the house by pets.  However, pets need to be treated on a regular basis to insure they are flea-free.

As long as label directions are followed, there should be no harmful effects to the people in the house or the pets.

Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder is specially formulated to be dust-free and there is no clean up needed after treatment.

Carpets: Vacuum all carpets thoroughly and dispose of bag.  Apply to dry surfaces only.  Apply directly on carpets where pets frequently traffic or sleep at a rate of 1 pound per 400 square feet.  Work powder deeply into fibers and mat with a broom or a rug rake.  Any powder visible after application must be brushed into carpet fibers or removed.  Wait 6 - 7 days before vacuuming.  Allow 3 to five weeks for maximum flea control.  Reapply as necessary.  Note: If high adult flea population makes it desirable, apply a pesticide designed to kill adult fleas before or in conjunction with this product.
Upholstery: Remove lose cushions.  Apply with approved applicator along creases and into corners and furniture wells.  Do not apply to exposed fabric.  Any product visible after application should be removed.

Flea Stoppers, Inc. guarantees if you follow the directions on this canister and you still have a flea problem in your home 6 weeks after treatment, Flea Stoppers will replace this canister of carpet powder or refund the purchase price.  Simply return the canister to Flea Stoppers, Inc., P. O. Box 326, Elgin, SC  29045 for a full refund.

Flea Stoppers will kill fleas on the pet but only when the fleas jump off of the pet into the carpet.  However, some types of fleas will stay on the pet and seldom jump off.  Only regular care of the pet will insure it will stay flea free.

If you have questions, feel free to call 800-934-3532.  This toll free customer service number can be reached between 9 and 5 weekdays, Eastern Time.

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Each 5 pound container of Flea Stoppers will treat 2,000 square feet.
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