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Gentrol Point Source IGR Device

Insect Growth Regulator with Hydroprene

Gentrol Point Source is an IGR that affects roaches and stored product pests (pantry pests) without coming into contact with the device.  Hydroprene (the active ingredient in Gentrol products) reduces roach and stored product pest populations in a way conventional insecticides cannot.  Gentrol Point Source  device is labeled for use in food and non-food areas of food handling establishments.

The active ingredient in this special roach and Stored Product Pests control products is Gentrol insect growth regulator, a bio rational insecticide similar to insect growth hormones that occur naturally in roaches and pantry pests.  Gentrol is unique in that it controls roach and stored product pest populations by inhibiting reproduction or adult emergence.  One to two weeks after application, you will begin to see roaches with crinkled wings, showing the initial effects of Gentrol.  These roaches cannot reproduce.
Because immature roaches are prevented from developing into reproductive adults, this product effectively breaks the roach life cycle.  Gentrol prevents stored pantry pests from becoming adults, thus breaking their life cycle.
By inhibiting reproduction or adult emergence, Gentrol Point Source by itself will control cockroach and pantry pest populations over time.  For faster results, Gentrol Point Source may be used in conjunction with EPA approved products that kill roaches and stored product pests

Roach and stored product pest populations are difficult to control because they reproduce so rapidly.  German Cockroaches are known for this type of fast reproduction.  However, when a conventional insecticide designed to kill roaches or stored product pests does not provide 100% elimination, Gentrol Point Source will prevent survivors from re-establishing the population.

Once Gentrol is released, the active ingredient moves from the Gentrol Point Source device into a localized area.  Roaches and stored product pests do not have to come into contact with the Gentrol Point Source to be affected.

Gentrol Point Source can be used in buildings and modes of transportation.  Permitted sites of application include restaurants, homes, hotels, kitchens, laboratories, apartment buildings, day care centers, machinery, equipment, greenhouses, hospitals, mausoleums, nursing homes, office buildings, schools and warehouses.  Gentrol Point Source is also intended to be used in various modes of transportation including but not limited to aircraft, buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars and marine vessels.

Do not activate the Gentrol Point Source device until ready to use.  To activate the Gentrol Point Source, press firmly between thumb and forefinger on the pouch located on the side of the device, until a snapping sound is heard indicating that the Gentrol-containing capsule has been opened.  Following activation, the  Gentrol Point Source device may be placed in any position.  Do not place in areas accessible to children.

Place the Gentrol Point Source device in areas where roach or stored product pest activity has been observed.  These areas include: in and around cabinets, closets, pantries, drawers, refuse areas, electrical boxes, equipment and false ceilings.  Also, place around doors, expansion joints, pipe chases, dressers, windows, heating and air conditioning ducts, refrigerators, and voids where pests are active.

One Gentrol Point Source device may be placed to treat up to a 75 square foot area, paying particular attention to locations of roach or stored product pest activity.  More devices may be needed in areas with a heavy pest infestation.

In order for the Gentrol Point Source to adhere properly, wipe surface clean prior to application.  Use as many tape strips as needed.  For vertical placement, expose sticky surface by removing paper backing and pressing the device firmly in place.  Replace all devices every three months for continued effectiveness.

Gentrol Products

Gentrol Concentrate Gentrol Point Source Gentrol Aerosol

Food Handling Establishments

Gentrol Point Source may be used in areas where food is handled or prepared.  Placements include areas for receiving, storage, packing, edible waste storage, machinery and enclosed processing systems (mills, dairies, edible oils, syrups.)  Serving areas would also be considered as a food area.  The Gentrol Point Source may also be applied to non-food areas of food handling and preparations establishments.  Areas of application include garbage areas, lavatories, offices, lockers, mechanical rooms, closets and storage areas.  Do not place the device within three feet of any food handling or food preparation area.

The Gentrol Point Source can also be used where conventional sprays and foggers may not be appropriate or where baits may be less effective due to competing food sources.

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