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Disclaimer Site Map

The following pages contain general information about pest control, pests, pest control supplies and equipment.  Includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, household pests, nuisance wildlife control information and equipment, bird control.

  1. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait - Controls carpenter ants.
  2. American Cockroach - Description of roach; control methods.
  3. Ant Index - Common household ants; biology, description, control.
  4. Ant Baits - Different brands, formulations; general information. 
  5. Ants - Basic ant control information.
  6. Argentine Ant - Control methods, ant information page.
  7. Ascend Fireant Bait - Professional ant bait for killing fire ants. 
  8. Asian Cockroach - Description of the Asian Cockroach; roach control.
  9. B&G Sprayer - Professional stainless steel sprayer for applying liquid bug spray products.
  10. B&G Parts Page - Replacement parts for B&G Professional Sprayer.
  11. Bac-Azap - Ready to use odor elimination.
  12. Baits - Professional baits used to control roaches, ants, crickets, silverfish.  Maxforce, Niban, Gourmet, Baygon, etc. 
  13. Bat Away - Granular bat repellent by Dr. T's Nature Products.  
  14. Beetle Index - Stored product beetles, wood beetles, fabric beetles. 
  15. Fabric Pest Beetles  
  16. Stored Product Beetle Pests 
  17. Wood Beetles 
  18. Pantry Pests - Beetles, Weevils, Moths
  19. B&G Catalog Index 
  20. Bird Control Products - Sonic and Ultrasonic; visual scare devices.
  21. Black Widow Spider - Basic information and control. 
  22. Blow Fly - Biology, description and control suggestions.
  23. Bora-Care - Borate wood preservative for wood, homes; controls termites, powder post beetles.
  24. Bottle Flies - Green, Blue bottle fly control, elimination, description.
  25. Boxelder Bugs - Pest control for boxelder bug infestations, prevention.
  26. Brown Banded Cockroach 
  27. Brown Recluse Spider - Information, identification and control of the Brown Recluse or Fiddle Back spider.
  28. Brown Recluse Bite - Basic information about the bite of the Brown Recluse Spider. 
  29. Captan Fungicide - 50% Captan wettable powder fungicide.
  30. Inspecting for Carpenter Ants - An initial inspection of your home will reveal entry points, hiding places and satellite colonies that contribute to the carpenter ant infestation.
  31. Carpenter Ants - Description and other information to aid in the control of carpenter ants.
  32. Carpenter Ant Control Methods - Baits, dusts, sprays can be used to control and eliminate carpenter ant infestations.
  33. Carpenter Bees - Tips on carpenter bee elimination; description, biology of the wood boring bee.
  34. Centipedes - Occasional invaders such as centipedes, millipedes are described and pest control methods suggested for those occasions when the multi-legged creatures invade your home.
  35. Cheese Skipper - Also known as the Ham Skipper.
  36. Chinch Bug Elimination - Products and methods for the control of chinch bugs in lawns, turf grasses.
  37. Clothes Moth Control - Products and methods needed to eliminate fabric eating moths.
  38. Cluster Fly - An invasion of cluster flies in your home can be a bit unnerving but they can be controlled.
  39. Cockroach Index - Roaches that are considered common household pests and methods for controlling them in homes, restaurants, etc.
  40. Crazy Ant - This small ant can be tough to control if proper measures are not taken.  Attention to detail is a must.
  41. Crickets - Camel Crickets, Cave Crickets, Field Crickets.  Basic biology and elimination methods.
  42. Cynoff Insecticides - Wettable powder and emulsifiable concentrate versions of Cynoff, an odorless insecticide containing Cypermethrin.
  43. Cypermethrin Products - Cypermethrin is the active ingredient in Demon EC, Demon WP, Cynoff EC and Cynoff WP insecticide concentrates used by professionals.
  44. Deadline Liquid Bait for Slugs, Snails  
  45. Dead Rats - Debunking myths concerning effect of rodenticides, rat baits, mice baits.
  46. Deer Flies - Description, habits and control of the biting fly known as the Deer Fly.
  47. Delta Dust - Water proof insecticide dust containing Deltamethrin.
  48. Demon WP - Cypermethrin insecticide in wettable powder concentrate formulation.
  49. Dr. T's Nature Products - Full line of products used to repel and deter many different animals, nuisance wildlife.
  50. Drain Gel - Special, ready to use liquid that is poured down drain lines to remove material that fruit flies, drain flies, moth flies, gnats need to breed.  Does not harm drains, septic tanks, sewers, plumbing.
  51. Drione Dust - Professional, light-weight dust used by professionals to control ticks, carpenter bees, bed bugs, roaches, ants and many other household pests.
  52. Advanced Dual Choice - Premium ant bait that lures and kills a variety of household ants.
  53. Pest Control Equipment - Dusters, sprayers, foggers - equipment used to properly apply professional pest control products.
  54. Extinguish Fireant Bait - Containing no contact insecticides, this professional ant bait uses Methoprene insect growth regulator to inhibit the development of fireants, the entire ant colony.  Can be safely used in pastures, graze lands.
  55. Face Fly biology, identification, image, control tips and products for eliminating face flies.
  56. Kill fireants by baiting, mound drench, broadcast ant pesticides. 
  57. Flea Stoppers - Kill flea eggs, flea larva in carpets and rugs for one full year - guaranteed.
  58. Eliminate Fleas - Pest control products; insecticides, IGR, proper treatment methods for flea control.
  59. Fleas and Ticks - The blood feeding pests that use our pets as hosts. 
  60. Outside Flea Control  
  61. Flesh Fly - Description and control of flesh flies.
  62. Flies and fly elimination with non-chemical, fly baits, chemical, pheromone traps and sanitation.
  63. Fly Breeding Materials - By locating and eliminating their breeding grounds, fly control is made simple.
  64. Fly Index - Listing of biting flies, filth flies and small flies that are pests to humans and domestic animals.
  65. Fly Traps - Combination of ultraviolet light and powerful pheromones attract flies to these professional fly traps.
  66. Commercial Fly Zappers  
  67. Fly Control Products - Baits, traps, zappers and sprays used to control flies.
  68. Advantage Outdoor Fly Trap   
  69. Roebic Foaming Root Killer, Kills Roots in Septic Lines, Septic Tanks.
  70. Fruit Fly - Habits and description of fruit flies; fly elimination products and methods, ultraviolet lighted fly traps.
  71. Fungicides - Listing of fungicides for lawn, garden, shrubs, ornamentals.
  72. Fungus Gnats - How to identify and control this indoor small fly, gnat.
  73. Urban Pests - Bugs, reptiles, birds, animals, wildlife, scorpions, roaches, ants, fireants, carpenter ants, carpenter bees; pests found in and around homes, business.
  74. Gentrol Point Source - Solid form of insect growth inhibitor.  Get the same results of conventional IGR without using a spray.  
  75. German Cockroaches - Understanding the basics of these super pest will aid you in controlling roaches in your home, restaurant.
  76. Head Lice Control - Products used to control lice.
  77. Herbicides - Products for killing, suppressing and preventing unwanted grasses and weeds.
  78. Herbicide Types: An explanation of the different types of herbicides and how they are used to eliminate or control weeds, grasses. 
  79. Horse Fly - Basic information for identification and control of the biting horse fly.
  80. House Fly - House Flies: fly biology, identification, image, control tips and products for eliminating filthy house flies.
  81. Humane Live Animal Traps, Safeguard Trap
  82. Image Herbicide Concentrate - Powerful selective post emergent herbicide for control of tough weed problems.
  83. Home Page - Pest control supplies, equipment, information and advice.
  84. Biting Insect Repellents - Variety of products to use on your skin or clothing to repel many different biting bugs.  Choose from products that contain DEET and cedar oils.  The CDC recommends products that contain a certain level of DEET repellent.
  85. Insecticides - Map that helps you find different types of insecticides such as aerosols, dusts, concentrates, granules, IGR.
  86. Invisible Bites - Sources of bites from unseen bugs, from the real to the imagined. 
  87. K-77 Root Killer - Granular product that (when flushed down toilets) kills roots that can clog sewer lines, pipes.
  88. Fire Ants - Variety of control methods for the stinging imported fireant.
  89. White-Footed Ant Control  
  90. Scorpion Control - Methods and products to combat invading scorpions.
  91. Lady Beetles -  This article deals with the bad beetles, not the good guys.  Asian Lady Beetles have become a major indoor pest in certain parts of the country.
  92. Pests of Lawns and Turf Grass - Molecrickets, chinch bugs and other pests of lawns.
  93. Manage Herbicide - Weed killer that is used to handle tough nutsedge problems in turf grass.
  94. Herbicide Application Tips for those using Manage herbicide weed killer.
  95. Maxforce Ant Bait Stations - Solid formulation of Maxforce professional ant control bait.
  96. Maxforce Baits - All professional baits made by Maxforce, including baits for ants, fireants, carpenter ants, roaches, crickets.
  97. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait - Professional bait, in gel formulation, designed to control carpenter ant infestations.
  98. Maxforce Fire Ant Bait - Granular outdoor bait for controlling fireants.
  99. Maxforce Granular Insect Bait - Standard size granules, kills roaches, crickets and ants.
  100. Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel - The most popular of the Maxforce product line.  Kills German Roach infestations fast and thoroughly.  Also labeled for killing other cockroach species.
  101. Mice, House Mouse - Find habits and biology of this small rodent as well as the various methods and products used to control mice.
  102. Midges
  103. Millipedes - Information page; how to distinguish millipedes from centipedes; control methods if your home is invaded by millipedes.
  104. Molecrickets - Timing and products for molecricket control in lawns.
  105. Moth Fly - This gnat is often called the Drain Fly because it prefers organic material such as that which accumulates in drains.
  106. Moth Trap - Pesticide free, non-toxic trap that eliminates grain feeding moths in kitchens and warehouses with powerful pheromones.
  107. Pest Control Supplies - Basic index of pest control supplies such as equipment, dusts, liquid concentrates, live animal traps, Bird-X sonic and ultrasonic bird and animal repellers.
  108. Niban Bait - Borate granular bait that not only kills roaches and ants but also kills silverfish.
  109. IPM for Spiders - Managing spider problems without the use of pesticides; techniques that can be combined with pesticide sprays.
  110. Norway Rat - Control of Norway Rats as well as habits, description and biology of the large rodent.
  111. Odor Control - Different products (such as Epoleon) used to deal with odors caused by pet urine and feces, dead rodents and other odors.
  112. Oriental Cockroach Control, Roach Identification  
  113. Orthene - Active ingredient in Acephate turf insecticide.
  114. Pantry Pests, Stored Product Pests - Moths, weevils, beetles that infest grains in our homes, warehouses, grocery stores or any place where these grains are processed, stored, transported or used.
  115. Professional Grade Permethrin: Dragnet - Popular insecticide used by professionals to control indoor and outdoor flea, tick, household pest problems.  Also used to control borers of trees.
  116. Pest Control Web Pages  
  117. Pest Control Equipment - Sprayers, dusters and other equipment used to control pests in and around homes, businesses.
  118. Controlling Pests - Alternate entrance to pest control web site.
  119. Products - Pesticides, herbicides, equipment, traps, insect growth regulators and other products used in pest control, wildlife control, odor control and more.
  120. Household Pests, Bugs, Spiders, Wildlife, Rats, Mice  
  121. Petcor Flea Spray - Professional choice for spraying dogs and cats in environments where fleas are a problem.  Spray contains natural pyrethrins and Methoprene (Precor) insect growth regulator.
  122. Phorid Fly - Also called the Hump-Back fly, this small pest is often confused with the Fruit Fly.
  123. Plant Disease Control - Fungicides, products for controlling certain plant diseases.
  124. Poisonous Snakes - Recognize the bite of snakes; information on Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Rattlesnakes.  Pictures of snakes.
  125. Powder Post Beetles - General information; beetle control in log homes, floors and other wood infested by wood beetles; Bora-Care information.
  126. Pest Control Shopping - Entrance to various categories of pest control supplies leading to on-line shopping cart.
  127. Pramitol - Total vegetation kill by neutralizing nutrients in the soil.
  128. Preventic Tick Collar - Control ticks on dogs.
  129. Protecta Bait Station - Keep rodenticides clean and dry as well as protecting pets and non-target animals from your rat bait.  Use in rodent control program for rats or mice.
  130. Protecta RTU - Smaller bait station used when baiting for mice.
  131. Rats - Roof Rat and Norway Rat elimination methods.
  132. Rat Zapper 2000 - The Rat Zapper kills rodents quickly with electrical jolt.  Works faster than rat poisons.
  133. Rat Tale - Accessory for the Rat Zapper 2000.  Makes monitoring of traps in attics and other such places faster and easier.
  134. Roaches - Basic information to aid in roach control.
  135. Rodent Baiters 
  136. Rodent Control Catalog
  137. Rodent Traps - There are different types of traps to use in rodent control: live traps, snap traps, multiple catch, glue traps.
  138. Rodent Baiting Tips - Having trouble with your rat trap or mouse trap?
  139. Rodenticides - Baits used to kill rats and mice; different formulations and brands to use in rodent control.
  140. Rodents - Basic information about rodent pests: rats and mice.
  141. Roundup Pro Dry - Herbicide concentrate in dry, crystal form.
  142. Roundup Herbicides
  143. Roundup Super Concentrate 
  144. Scorpions - Biology and other information about scorpions.
  145. Scythe Herbicide - Non-selective herbicide that quickly burns down new growth.  A great add-on tool when combined with Roundup.
  146. Skunks and Skunk Control 
  147. Sluggo - Non-toxic bait for slugs and snails.  Safe to use in areas where pets and wildlife frequent.
  148. Dr. T's Snake-A-Way - Snake repellent.
  149. Snake Control - Use snake trap or snake repellent to rid home, playgrounds of nuisance snake problems.
  150. Snake Guard Snake Trap - Affordable, disposable snake trap that is easy to use.
  151. Soldier Fly - The Soldier flies encountered in and around homes usually breed and feed in damp organic material associated with poorly maintained dumpsters.
  152. Sonic Pest Repellers - Units used to scare or repel nuisance wildlife, stray dogs or cats, skunks; premium units used in professional bird control.
  153. Sphaerocerid Flies -The Sphaerocerid fly belongs to a large family of flies known as Sphaeroceridae which contains 241 species in North America.   Most flies of this family generally breed in animal manure and can also be known as small dung flies. 
  154. Spider Elimination 
  155. Spiders: Biology, Habits
  156. Spreader Sticker - Professional spreader sticker.
  157. Stable Fly - Biology, habits, identification and control of stable flies.
  158. Surflan Pre-emergent
  159. Suspend SC - Popular professional insecticide concentrate; odorless product used for indoor spider, flea and tick control.  Kills many pests in and around the home.
  160. Tick Information - Soft and hard ticks; biology, habits and description of different ticks.
  161. Tick Elimination - Most tick control jobs fail because the correct type of products are not applied to areas where young ticks hide.
  162. Talstar - Information including liquid and granular Talstar products, molecricket control.
  163. Pesticide Free Traps - Variety of traps used to capture different insects, spiders, rodents.
  164. T-Rex Rat Trap - Innovative rodent trap that can easily be set with one hand.  Designed for rats and mice.
  165. QB-4, Quad Blaster - Ultrasonic unit designed to repel certain animal pests in indoor settings.
  166. Ultrasonic Pest Control 
  167. Ultraviolet - How ultraviolet technology is used in fly control, flying insect control.
  168. Ultraviolet Fly Traps - Professional fly traps used in homes, restaurants, offices that use ultraviolet and pheromones in lighted traps to attract and capture flying pests.
  169. Vantage Herbicide - Use Vantage to kill unwanted Bermuda Grass in Centipede grass lawns.
  170. White Footed Ants - History, description of white footed ants; help with control of the tiny ant pests; ant control.
  171. White Flies - Description and elimination tips for white flies.
  172. Wildlife Control Site Map 
  173. Wildlife Control Products 

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