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Mole Cricket Damage In Lawns

Professional Pest Control Products of Pensacola

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Mole crickets are the number one pest of turf in southern Alabama and Georgia, throughout Florida, and are spreading quickly along the Gulf Coastal region and Eastern Seaboard. Their damage appears as brown spongy areas within normal green grass. Upon inspection you will notice the grass has been eaten just below the surface, separating the plant from its roots. Mole crickets are especially fond of Bermuda and centipede grass, but have also been found in St. Augustine lawns in the Florida Panhandle and along the Alabama coast.  There have also been cases reported of molecrickets feeding on Bahia turf grasses.

Mole Cricket Adults and Nymphs

Adult mole crickets are plump, winged and 1 to 1.25 inches long. They are seldom seen, because, like moles, they stay underground most of the time.
They fly and mate twice a year, spring and fall. At this time you will find their exit holes of an inch or more. Mole cricket nymphs are wingless but look like small adults. The nymphs can become very numerous and cause great damage to your grass during the warm summer months.  Control methods aimed at eliminating mole cricket nymphs yield the best results, simply because they easier to kill than adults.

Mole Cricket Control

Mole crickets have become resistant to Diazinon, Dursban, Sevin (Carbaryl), and Malathion. Two products that still work well are 75% Acephate and Talstar.
Acephate Is No Longer Available
Talstar products
or professional strength Bifenthrin. 7.90% is proper strength of professional grade Bifenthrin.  Bifen IT and Talstar both have this ingredient.

Treating With Talstar For Mole Crickets

Bifenthrin (active ingredient in Bifen IT and Talstar concentrate) is a synthetic pyrethroid that is available in both granular and liquid concentrate forms. It is very safe towards non-target animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals when used as directed by the label.  Talstar lasts much longer in the soil than other insecticides. We have had many reported cases of Talstar controlling mole crickets for up to two months, ants and fire ants for three months! Only 1 or 2 applications are needed each year. No special site preparation is needed when treating for mole crickets with Talstar. Bifen IT and Talstar are very effective in controlling ants, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs and other turf and ornamental pests.  

Using Talstar Granules For Mole Cricket and Chinch Bug Control

A 25lb. bag of Talstar  will treat up to 12,000 square feet. Talstar granules are best applied through a hand seeder. The granules are tiny enough to fall between blades of turf grass (out of sight from birds and pets), penetrating to the ground or thatch area where it belongs. Because of the sand pebble sized granules, regular drop spreaders and rotary spreaders do not give the precise coverage necessary.

Click here to order Talstar granules to treat your lawn for mole crickets.

Using Talstar Liquid Concentrate For Mole Cricket Control and Chinch Bug Control

A pint of Bifen IT or Talstar liquid concentrate will treat 16,000 to 20,000 square feet, when spraying for mole crickets and chinch bugs.
No special preparation of the lawn is necessary. Simply apply Bifenthrin  concentrate at the rate of 1 ounce per thousand square feet of turf, using your hose end sprayer. The label rate for killing ants with Talstar or Bifen IT liquid is only 1/2 ounce per thousand square feet. We have seen this product control ants for three months, at the rate of only 1/4 ounce per thousand square feet!

Click here to order Talstar liquid concentrate for treating for mole crickets.

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